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Birthday's to share this week : 17th - 23rd December 2017.

Do you celebrate your Birthday this week?

Katheryn Winnick does on 17th December - check out my tribute to this Actress Birthday Girl turning 40, at the end of this feature.

Do you also share your birthday with a well known, highly regarded & famous Actor or Actress; share your special day with a Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Singer/Songwriter or Composer of repute; or share an interest in whoever might notch up another year in the coming seven days? Then, look no further! Whilst there will be too many to mention in this small but not insignificant and beautifully written and presented Blog, here are the more notable and noteworthy icons of the big screen, and the small screen, that you will recognise, and that you might just share your birthday with in the week ahead. If so, Happy Birthday to you from Odeon Online!

Sunday 17th December
  • Sarah Paulson - Born 1974, turns 43 - Actress | Singer
  • Milla Jovovich - Born 1975, turns 42 - Actress | Singer | Songwriter
  • Katheryn Winnick - Born 1977, turns 40 - Actress
  • Armin Mueller-Stahl - Born 1930, turns 87 - Actor | Writer | Director
  • Bernard Hill - Born 1944, turns 73 - Actor 
  • Eugene Levy - Born 1946, turns 71 - Actor | Writer | Producer | Director | Singer | Songwriter
  • Bill Pullman - Born 1953, turns 64 - Actor | Director | Producer 
  • Peter Farrelly - Born 1956, turns 61 - Writer | Producer | Director
  • Rian Johnson - Born 1973, turns 44 - Director | Writer | Editor 
  • Giovanni Ribisi - Born 1974, turns 43 - Actor | Producer
Monday 18th December
  • Keith Richards - Born 1943, turns 74 - Songwriter | Singer | Musician | Composer | Actor
  • Steven Spielberg - Born 1946, turns 71 - Producer | Director | Writer | Actor
  • Ray Liotta - Born 1954, turns 63 - Actor | Producer
  • Brad Pitt - Born 1963, turns 54 - Actor | Producer 
  • Steve Austin - Born 1964, turns 53 - Actor | Producer
  • Robson Green - Born 1964, turns 53 - Actor | Producer 
  • Casper Van Dien - Born 1968, turns 49 - Actor | Producer | Director | Writer
  • Rachel Griffiths - Born 1968, turns 49 - Actress | Director | Producer | Writer
  • Katie Holmes - Born 1978, turns 39 - Actress | Producer | Director | Singer
Tuesday 19th December
  • Jennifer Beals - Born 1963, turns 54 - Actress | Producer | Singer
  • Jake Gyllenhaal - Born 1980, turns 37 - Actor | Producer  
Wednesday 20th December
  • Todd Phillips - Born 1970, turns 47 - Producer | Director | Writer | Actor | Songwriter
  • Jonah Hill - Born 1983, turns 34 - Actor | Producer | Writer | Director
  • Jenny Agutter - Born 1952, turns 65 - Actress   
Thursday 21st December
  • Jane Fonda - Born 1937, turns 80 - Actress | Producer
  • Julie Delpy - Born 1969, turns 48 - Actress | Writer | Director | Producer | Singer | Songwriter | Composer | Editor
  • Samuel L. Jackson - Born 1948, turns 69 - Actor | Producer | Singer 
  • Ray Romano - Born 1957, turns 60 - Actor | Writer | Producer 
  • Kiefer Sutherland - Born 1966, turns 51 - Actor | Producer | Director
  • Steven Yuen - Born 1983, turns 34 - Actor 
Friday 22nd December
  • Hector Elizondo - Born 1936, turns 81 - Actor | Producer
  • Ralph Fiennes - Born 1962, turns 55 - Actor | Director | Producer | Singer
  • Vanessa Paradis - Born 1972, turns  45 - Actress | Singer 
Saturday 23rd December
  • Estella Warren - Born 1978, turns 39 - Actress
  • Nick Moran - Born 1969, turns 48 - Actor | Producer | Writer | Director 
Katerena Anna Vinitska (aka Katheryn Winnick) was born in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada (now part of the greater City of Toronto). She is of Ukrainian descent and spoke Ukrainian as her first language at home until she was eight years of age, before speaking English. From the age of seven she began training in martial arts, and by the time she turned thirteen she had already attained her first black belt. She opened her first martial arts studio at the age of sixteen, and by the time she was 21 she had opened two others - one in Toronto and the other in New York. She holds a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo and a second-degree black belt in Karate, and is also a licensed bodyguard. She was kicked out of Summer Camp when she was fourteen for reckless behaviour, and clearly needing something to vent her anger and frustration at the world, so she turned wholesale to martial arts ultimately winning silver at the Canadian National Taekwondo finals. She studied at the York University in Toronto, and then acting at New York's William Esper Studio before actively pursuing an acting career initially in New York and then Los Angeles. 

Winnick gained her television debut on an episode of 'PSI Factor : Chronicles of the Paranormal' in 1999 and then on five episodes of high school television series 'Student Bodies' and a single episode of Tia Carrere's television series 'Relic Hunter' that same year too. Winnick secured her first film role in the 2001 Sci-Fi horror mystery offering 'Biohazardous' and 'Smoking Herb' the following year together with mystery drama thriller 'Fabled' and 'Two Weeks Notice' with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. Crime drama 'What Alice Found' was released in 2003, then '50 First Dates' with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and then horror crime film 'Satan's Little Helper' in 2004 and 'Going the Distance' also that year. In between time there were one off appearances on television shows including 'Oz', '1-800-Missing', 'Wild Card' and 'CSI : Miami'.

In 2005 Winnick played Ivana Trump in the biographical drama film 'Trump Unauthorised' (if only she knew then what she knows now!!), then the straight to video horror offering 'Hellraiser : Hellworld', the made for television movie '13 Graves', then the sport comedy 'Cloud 9' with Burt Reynolds and the RomCom 'Failure to Launch' with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. 'Kiss Me Again', 'Tipping Point', horror thriller 'Amusement' and 'Cold Souls' with Paul Giamatti saw out the decade. Meanwhile there had been further appearances on television shows including 'Criminal Minds', 'House', ' Law & Order' and 'CSI : Crime Scene Investigation'

'Tranced', action RomCom 'Killers', 'Radio Free Albemuth', Edward Zwick's 'Love & Other Drugs' with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway and the 48 minute short film 'Night and Day' were all released in 2010. The following year saw crime horror drama 'Choose' with Kevin Pollack and Bruce Dern, then 'Bat $#*! Crazy' and 'Stand Up Guys' with Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin and then Roman Coppola's 'A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III' with Charlie Sheen, Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman. 'The Art of the Steal' with Kurt Russell, Matt Dillon and Jay Baruchel came along in 2013 and in the meantime there had been more regular TV work on seven episodes of 'Bones', and ' The Glades', 'Nikita', and 'Transporter : The Series'.

In 2013 she starred in the History Channel's acclaimed television series 'Vikings' in so far fifty two episodes spanning now six seasons as Lagertha who according to legend was a Viking shieldmaiden and ruler from what is now Norway and the onetime wife of famous Viking Ragnar Lodbrok played in the series by Travis Fimmel. Over the years this series has been nominated for eleven Primetime Emmy Awards and has amassed a total 22 wins and 75 nominations so far. Winnick has herself been nominated six times for her portrayal of Lagertha, and it has been reported that her role as Lagertha 'may be the most exciting feminist character on TV'.

Whilst filming episodes of 'Vikings' Winnick also appeared in a single episode of 'Person of Interest', the twelve minute short film 'Stripped' in 2016, and the Stephen King adapted 'The Dark Tower' earlier this year with Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba which went on to gross US$112M at the Box Office from its US$60M budget outlay despite its generally negative Reviews. Next up for Winnick is crime drama 'Speed Kills' with John Travolta, Matthew Modine, Kellan Lutz, James Remar and Jennifer Esposito, and she lent her voice to the cast of video game 'Call of Duty : WWII' recently released.

All up Winnick has sixty Acting credits to her name and she has so far garnered two award wins and another seven nominations. In 2009 she was selected by Vanity Fair magazine to appear in the high-profile and very selective 'Vanities' section, and in 2015 Winnick was named brand ambassador for luxury Swiss watch maker Raymond Weil, and in 2016 the face of their feminine Shine Collection.

Katheryn Winnick - a self confessed 'tom-boy'; the literal translation of her name in Ukrainian is 'winemaker'; has served her time in horror films, straight to video productions, one off television appearances and has risen to prominence with 'Vikings'; has worked with some big name Hollywood heavy hitters; has the talent, the brains and the beauty and is definitely on the up and up. Happy 40th Birthday to you Katheryn, from Odeon Online.

-Steve, at Odeon Online-

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

What's new in Odeon's this week : Thursday 14th December 2017.

On Wednesday 6th December the 7th annual AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) Awards were held at Sydney's Star Hotel and Casino. Amongst the presenters were  Gillian Armstrong, Shane Jacobson, Paul Hogan and Angourie Rice, with those in attendance including Margaret Pomeranz, Radha Mitchell, Samara Weaving, Jack Thompson, Rachel Griffiths and Jacqueline McKenzie. The winners and grinners taking out the top awards for their efforts in front of, and behind the camera are as follows :-

* Best Film Award : 'Lion' beating out 'Ali's Wedding', 'Berlin Syndrome', 'Hounds of Love' and 'Jasper Jones'.
* Best Direction : Garth Davis for 'Lion'.
* Best Lead Actor : Sunny Pawar for 'Lion'.
* Best Lead Actress : Emma Booth for 'Hounds of Love'.
* Best Supporting Actor : Dev Patel for 'Lion'.
* Best Supporting Actress : Nicole Kidman for 'Lion'.
* Best Original Screenplay : Andrew Knight and Osamah Sami for 'Ali's Wedding'.
* Best Adapted Screenplay : Luke Davis for 'Lion'.
* Best Cinematography : Greig Fraser for 'Lion'
* Awards for Best Editing, Sound, Original Music Score, Production Design and Costume Design all went to 'Lion'.
* AACTA Longford Lyell Award : Phillip Noyce.
* AACTA Trailblazer Award : Simon Baker.

Congratulations to 'Lion' for sweeping the board with twelve award wins from the twelve categories in which it was nominated. For more information on these awards, and in the television, documentary and short film categories too, go to :

This week we have just three new release movies coming to an Odeon near you. We launch with the eighth instalment in this mega space opera Sci-Fi epic franchise that continues to go from strength to strength even after forty years and remains as fresh now as it did back in 1977; then we turn to an interweaving story of two young kids who go in search of someone dear to them, separated by fifty years; before wrapping up with an animated comedy drama of a gentle giant bull who would rather smell the roses than enter the bullring, but there are others who have different thoughts.

Whatever your taste in big screen film entertainment is this week - be it any of the three latest release films as Previewed below, or those doing the rounds currently on general release and as Reviewed and Previewed in previous Blog Posts here at Odeon Online, you are here cordially invited to share your movie going thoughts, opinions and observations by leaving your relevant, succinct and appropriate views in the Comments section below this or any other Post. We'd love to hear from you, and in the meantime, enjoy your big screen Odeon experience during the week ahead.

'STAR WARS : THE LAST JEDI' (Rated M) - and so from a galaxy far far away after all the hype, the huge expectations and the eager anticipation comes the eighth instalment in the epic space opera franchise that had its beginnings forty years ago back in 1977, and shows no signs of letting up. This second film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy is Written and Directed by Rian Johnson whose other film credits are 'Brick' in 2005, 'The Brothers Bloom' in 2008, 'Looper' in 2012 and now this movie behemoth. Following hot on the heels of the J.J. Abrams seventh instalment 'Star Wars : The Force Awakens' which returned US$2.07B at the global Box Office and now stands as the third highest grossing film of all time, here many of those characters from 'The Force Awakens' return to reprise their roles including Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa, Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Daisy Ridley as Rey, John Boyega as Finn, Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron, Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke, Lupita Nyong'o as Maz Kanata, Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux, Anthony Daniels as C3PO, Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma with Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern and in cameo roles appearing as Storm Troopers or lending their voices are Simon Pegg, Gareth Edwards, Gary Barlow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Prince Harry, Prince William and Justin Theroux amongst others.

This film then follows on directly from where 'The Force Awakens' left off. We join Rey on some remote distant planet island where she encounters an aged Luke for the first time. Taking her first tentative steps into the ways of the Jedi under the tutelage of her new mentor, Rey has to come to terms with her emerging powers which unsettle Luke - the like of which he has not previously encountered. With Leia, Finn and Poe, both Luke and Rey embark on an adventure that will reveal age old mysteries of the Force and reveal shocking truths about the past. Meanwhile, The Resistance prepare themselves to go into battle with the First Order. 'The Last Jedi' saw its World Premier screening in Los Angeles on 9th December and goes on general release around the world this week. Early Previews have been very positive. 'Star Wars : Episode IX' is due for release in December 2019 and will be Directed once again by J.J. Abrams following the hasty departure of Colin Trevorrow in September this year.

'WONDERSTRUCK' (Rated PG) - earlier this year we had 'Wonder Woman', then released a few weeks ago we had 'Wonder' and then last week we had 'Wonder Wheel' and now we have 'Wonderstruck' - a mystery drama fantasy film. I wonder how many movies with 'Wonder' in its title Hollywood still has in its arsenal? This offering is Directed by Todd Haynes whose previous credits include 2015's 'Carol', 2007's 'I'm Not There', 2002's 'Far From Heaven' and 1998's 'Velvet Goldmine'. Adapted from the 2011 novel of the same name by Brian Selznick who also wrote the Screenplay, and receiving its world Premier screening at this years Cannes Film Festival where it was in main competition for the Palme d'Or where it received a three minute standing ovation. It was released in the US in mid-October in limited theatres, has so far taken just US2M, and has received generally positive press. The film interweaves two distinct stories each separated by fifty years each telling the story of a young child's journey of discovery. In a 1927 New York, Rose (Millicent Simmonds) does a bolt from her fathers home to go in search of her mother and screen idol Actress Lillian Mayhew (Julianne Moore) of whom she read a captivating headline and whose life she charts in a scrapbook. In 1977 the recently orphaned Ben (Oakes Fegley) runs away from his home in Minnesota to go in search of his father whom he has never known. Also starring Michelle Williams.

'FERDINAND' (Rated G) - this computer animated comedy drama film is Produced by Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox Animation and is Directed by Carlos Saldanha whose previous credits include 2002's 'Ice Age', 2005's 'Robots', 2006's 'Ice Age : The Meltdown', 2009's 'Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs', 2011's 'Rio' and its 2014 sequel 'Rio 2'. Here he Directs this film based on the children's book 'The Story of Ferdinand' by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson about a Spanish Fighting Bull named Ferdinand (voiced by John Cena) who has grown up with an appreciation of smelling the flowers rather than going to head to head with a matador in the bullring. However, Ferdinand has grown up to be big and strong, but gentle with it, big hearted and warm natured. But, when he is mistaken for a fierce and dangerous beast, he is captured and taken off to the bullring to fight with the matadors. There he must make a decision to fight or not, or rally a misfit team of animal friends to escape his captors in order to return home to his family. Also starring the voice talents of Kate McKinnon, David Tennant and Bobby Cannavale.

With three new release films this week to tempt you out to your local Odeon, with the likes of a eagerly awaited, much hyped and highly anticipated next instalment in this hugely successful and popular Sci-Fi action adventure franchise; to a feel good movie about two young kids searching for someone special in their lives separated by fifty years; and closing out with a animated story of big friendly bull who means no harm to anyone or anything who must dig deep within himself to overcome his captors and regain his freedom. Remember to share your movie going thoughts with your other like minded cinephiles afterwards here at Odeon Online, and meanwhile, I'll see you sometime somewhere in the week ahead at your local Odeon.

-Steve, at Odeon Online-

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Birthday's to share this week : 10th - 16th December 2017.

Do you celebrate your Birthday this week?

Natascha McElhone does on 14th December - check out my tribute to this Actress Birthday Girl turning 48, at the end of this feature.

Do you also share your birthday with a well known, highly regarded & famous Actor or Actress; share your special day with a Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Singer/Songwriter or Composer of repute; or share an interest in whoever might notch up another year in the coming seven days? Then, look no further! Whilst there will be too many to mention in this small but not insignificant and beautifully written and presented Blog, here are the more notable and noteworthy icons of the big screen, and the small screen, that you will recognise, and that you might just share your birthday with in the week ahead. If so, Happy Birthday to you from Odeon Online!

Sunday 10th December
  • Kenneth Branagh - Born 1960, turns 57 - Actor | Director | Producer | Writer | Singer | Songwriter
  • Xavier Samuel - Born 1983, turns 34 - Actor  
Monday 11th December
  • Jean-Louis Trintignant - Born 1930, turns 87 - Actor | Writer | 
  • Hailee Steinfeld - Born 1996, turns 21 - Actress | Singer
  • Mo'Nique (aka Monique Imes) - Born 1967, turns 50 - Actress | Producer  
Tuesday 12th December
  • Jennifer Connolly - Born 1970, turns 47 - Actress
  • Bill Nighy - Born 1949, turns 68 - Actor | Singer  
Wednesday 13th December
  • Dick Van Dyke - Born 1925, turns 92 - Actor | Producer | Writer | Singer 
  • Christopher Plummer - Born 1929, turns 88 - Actor | Producer | Singer
  • Robert Lindsay - Born 1949, turns 68 - Actor | Singer
  • Steve Buscemi - Born 1957, turns 60 - Actor | Director | Producer | Singer 
  • Jamie Foxx - Born 1967, turns 50 - Actor | Producer | Writer | Director | Singer | Songwriter | Composer 
Thursday 14th December
  • Rebecca Gibney - Born 1964, turns 53 - Actress | Producer | Writer
  • Natascha McElhone - Born 1969, turns 48 - Actress  
  • Sophie Monk - Born 1979, turns 38 - Actress 
Friday 15th December
  • Don Johnson - Born 1949, turns 68 - Actor | Producer | Director | Singer
  • Alex Cox - Born 1954, turns 63 - Actor | Director | Writer | Producer | Editor
  • John Lee Hancock - Born 1956, turns 61 - Director | Writer | Producer
  • Stuart Townsend - Born 1972, turns 45 - Actor | Writer | Director | Producer  
  • Charlie Cox - Born 1982, turns 35 - Actor
Saturday 16th December
  • Ben Cross - Born 1947, turns 70 - Actor 
  • Shane Black - Born 1961, turns 56 - Writer | Actor | Director | Producer
  • Benjamin Bratt - Born 1963, turns 54 - Actor | Producer
  • James Mangold - Born 1963, turns 54 - Director | Producer | Writer
  • Theo James - Born 1984, turns 33 - Actor
  • Miranda Otto - Born 1967, turns 50 - Actress 
Natascha Abigail Taylor was born in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England to Noreen McElhone and Michael Taylor, both working as journalists. Her parents separated when the young girl was just two years of age, and with her mother and brother Damon the family moved to Brighton, Sussex, where Noreen later married the Fleet Street journalist and columnist Roy Greenslade. Natascha took Irish Dancing lessons from the age of six up until her twelfth year and was educated at the private independent boarding school - St. Mary's Hall School for Girls in Brighton. She went on to graduate in 1993 from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. When her acting aspirations began to materialise, Natascha took her mothers maiden name of McElhone, as her stage name. 

McElhone began her acting career on the stage appearing in a number of productions including 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', 'Richard III', 'The Count of Monte Cristo' and 'The Cherry Orchard'. Her small screen debut came in 1990 in a two part episode of 'The Ruth Rendell Mysteries', and then in a single episode of the long running BBC detective series 'Bergerac' in 1991, followed up in 1994 on a single episode of 'Absolutely Fabulous' and 'Minder'. More similar television appearances followed, up until her big screen debut in 1996 in the Merchant Ivory biographical drama production of 'Surviving Picasso' Directed by James Ivory and starring Anthony Hopkins as the great artist Pablo Picasso, Julianne Moore, Joss Ackland and Joan Plowright with McElhone playing Picasso's mistress and muse Francoise Gilot.  

1997 saw the Alan J. Pakula Directed IRA crime drama 'The Devil's Own' with Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt, followed up by the romantic drama period piece 'Mrs. Dalloway' with Vanessa Redgrave, Lena Headey, John Standing, Robert Hardy and Rupert Graves. Peter Weir's 'The Truman Show' with Jim Carrey, Ed Harris and Laura Linney was released to much critical acclaim in 1998 picking up 38 award wins and another 68 nominations followed by lawyers in love courtroom RomCom 'What Rats Won't Do', before closing out the decade that same year with John Frankenheimer's action crime adventure offering 'Ronin' featuring an all star cast including Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, Sean Bean, Stellan Skarsgard and Jonathan Pryce.

2000 launched with Kenneth Branagh's modern retelling of the classic Shakespeare story 'Love's Labour's Lost' with Alicia Silverstone, Kenneth Branagh, Carmen Ejogo, Emily Mortimer, Nathan Lane, Timothy Spall, Geraldine McEwan and Richard Briers. 'Contaminated Man' was also released that year with William Hurt and Peter Weller and then 2002 saw a raft of films taking in 'Killing Me Softly' with Joseph Fiennes and Heather Graham; 'Laurel Canyon' with Frances McDormand and Christian Bale; the horror crime thriller 'Feardotcom' with Stephen Dorff and Stephen Rea; the Matt Dillon Written, Directed and starring 'City of Ghosts' with James Caan and Gerard Depardieu; and then Steven Soderbergh's 'Solaris' with George Clooney and Viola Davis. 

2003 saw the made for television film 'The Other Boleyn Girl' with McElhone playing Mary Boleyn to Jodi May's Anne Boleyn to Jared Harris' King Henry VIII based on the Philippa Gregory novel. The next year saw the Charles Dance Directed 'Ladies in Lavender' with Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Daniel Bruhl, David Warner and Toby Jones; followed by 'Guy X' with Jeremy Northam and Jason Biggs; then comedy crime caper 'Big Nothing' with Simon Pegg and David Schwimmer; family fantasy adventure film 'The Secret of Moonacre' and then 'Blessed' with James Nesbitt closing out another decade. In between time there were also the six episode pre-Apocalypse fantasy mystery drama mini-series 'Revelations' with Bill Pullman, Tobin Bell and John Rhys-Davies that aired in 2005, and then two out of the six episodes on 'The Company' with Chris O'Donnell, Michael Keaton, Alfred Molina and Tom Hollander.

The new decade launched with the Nick Moran Directed true story of 'The Kid' with Ioan Gruffud, Bernard Hill, James Fox and Rupert Friend in the title role. That same year came police investigative serial killer mystery drama 'Thorne : Sleepyhead' and then in 2013 'The Sea' for Director Stephen Brown and starring also Ciaran Hinds, Charlotte Rampling, Rufus Sewell, then giving way to an updated telling of 'Romeo & Juliet' with Damian Lewis, Stellan Skarsgard, Douglas Booth, Hailee Steinfeld, and Kodi Smit-McPhee. 2013 also saw the release of 'Believe' with Brian Cox playing Matt Busby the legendary Manchester United football coach who comes out of retirement to help a young gifted player. 2016 saw 'Mr. Church' Directed by Bruce Beresford with Eddie Murphy in the title role with Britt Robertson and Xavier Samuel and then 'London Town' set in the late '70's London music scene with the backdrop of the punk rock scene and in particular the influence that The Clash have on a fourteen year old lad.

In between time, there was the hugely successful, if somewhat controversial, television series which ran for seven seasons from 2007 through to 2014 - 'Californication' with David Duchovny in the lead role as Hank Moody with McElhone playing his long term and long suffering girlfriend Karen across 84 episodes. The show won six awards and was nominated for 31 others including successive Golden Globes, Primetime Emmy's and a BAFTA and SAG nod.

2016 brought television series 'Designated Survivor' with Keifer Sutherland in the lead role as Tom Kirkman, a low level US Cabinet member who becomes President of the United States after a catastrophic attack kills everyone else above him in the line of succession. McElhone plays Kirkman's wife Alex, appearing in 31 episodes so far out of the first two seasons of 34 episodes. The second series is currently airing.

In 2014 she starred in the role as Alex Forrest in the London West End stage production of 'Fatal Attraction' (the role made famous in the 1987 film of the same name by Glenn Close), and in 2015 she appeared in the Royal Shakespeare Company production of 'Queen Anne'. There was also a two part television mini-series 'Saints and Strangers' which aired in 2015 about the voyage of the Mayflower and the first year of settlement in the New World for the Pilgrims of America. Next up for McElhone is television Sci-Fi drama series 'The First' currently in production for a 2018 release.

All up McElhone has 43 acting credits to her name and she has accumulated five awards nominations. McElhone married plastic surgeon Martin Hirigoyen Kelly in May 1998 with whom she had three sons - Theodore (born in 2000), Otis (born in 2003) and Rex (born in 2008). Rex was born five months after the death of her husband from dilated cardiomyopathy (enlarging of the heart so that it can no longer pump blood effectively). As a means of coping with the sudden loss of her husband, McElhone wrote a book of her letters and diary notes to and about her husband which was published in 2010 titled 'After You : Letters of Love, and Loss, to a Husband and Father'.

Natascha McElhone - established herself as a lead Actress by the time she left drama school; following her rites of passage through theatre and small time TV series appearances she quickly escalated to feature films working for some big name Director's and heavy hitting Co-Stars; has been in demand ever since; has worked across multiple genres; and has come full circle starring in two very popular and successful television series while still juggling feature films, and three growing boys. Very much in demand, talented and clearly comfortable on the big screen, the small screen, the stage and in writing too. Happy Birthday to you Natascha, from Odeon Online.

-Steve, at Odeon Online-

Friday, 8 December 2017

THE DISASTER ARTIST : Wednesday 6th December 2017.

'THE DISASTER ARTIST' which I saw this week, is based on the now cult classic for all the wrong reasons, 'The Room' which was released in 2003 and Written, Produced, Directed and starred Tommy Wiseau at a cost out of his own pocket of US$6M. At the time of its limited release it was panned by Critics for its bizarre and unconventional storytelling and various technical and narrative flaws, was described as 'the Citizen Kane of bad movies' and others have touted it as one of the worst films ever made. Upon its release in one single theatre, the film took US$1,800 at the Box Office over the two week period of its screening. Originally labelled as an independent romantic drama film, the movie found cult status subsequently and continues to be shown in limited screenings at select theatres to this day and as a result, the film has more than recovered its budget outlay. Wiseau retrospectively characterised the film as a black comedy, even though audiences have generally viewed it as a poorly-made drama, a viewpoint supported by some of the film's cast. In 2013 Greg Sestero, the films other principal Actor published a memoir titled 'The Disaster Artist : My Life Inside The Room, The Greatest Bad Film Ever Made' about the making of 'The Room' which has inspired this film. The film was shown at TIFF back in September and took out the top prize at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, and has garnered generally positive Reviews with James Franco in particular being praised for both his Direction and starring roles.

And so James Franco Directs, Co-Produces and stars in this biographical comedy drama offering that features him as Tommy Wiseau, with his brother Dave Franco cast as Greg Sestero. Charting the meeting and early friendship between Wiseau and Sestero which occurred via acting classes in San Francisco back in 1998, and over the following months the two strike up a close, and at times somewhat bizarre friendship. Sharing a dream to make it big in Hollywood, Wiseau persuades Sestero to move with him to Los Angeles where Wiseau owns an apartment centrally located for tinsel town and where they'll be able to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers of the movie industry.

However, fairly quickly their combined hopes and dreams come crashing down around their ears after rejection follows rejection, despite Sestero being signed up quickly by one of the top casting agents of the time. One early evening feeling dejected and at a particularly low ebb, Sestero mentions to Wiseau that they should just make their own film. Wiseau takes Sestero's suggestion literally, and over the next three years spends his time writing his own screenplay, called 'The Room', which he presents to his friend in a diner upon completion to be the first person to read it through.

Recognising that the story is totally incoherent, Sestero acknowledges that the script is great to massage Wiseau's ego. Wiseau offers his friend the lead role of Mark, and also makes him a Co-Producer of the film. The pair then go in search of a production company and find one in North Hollywood. Wiseau is insistent that he wants to buy outright all the camera equipment despite the normal arrangement being to rent because of the cost prohibitive nature of outright equipment purchase. He further insists on shooting with two cameras - 35mm and HD digital simultaneously, which just doubles the cost of production unnecessarily, but Wiseau is adamant that he is a filmmaker with a vision destined for greatness, and this is the way its gonna be.

The production company introduces Wiseau and Sestero to Rafael Smadja (Paul Scheer) and Sandy Schklair (Seth Rogen) as Cinematographer and script supervisor respectively, with the latter doubling up as Wiseau's surrogate Director. Production on the planned forty day shoot starts out reasonably well all things considered, but as time progresses Wiseau grows increasingly short tempered, angry, self centred and more demanding of his cast and crew putting his own failings aside and blaming everyone for his shortcomings but himself. He forgets his lines, turns up late almost every day, won't provide the basic needs like air conditioning and water on a stinking hot day while filming inside and verbally abuses his cast and crew with increasing regularity.

Needless to say the crew grow more and more resentful of Wiseau, culminating in an on set showdown in which Smadja reaches the end of his tether and is briefly fired. Wiseau also reveals that he knows that everybody hates him having seen the extensive behind-the-scenes footage being constantly filmed during production, and how nobody, including Sestero, shares his vision for the film. Having gone way over schedule, on the last day of shooting back in San Francisco where it all began, Sestero and Wiseau fight questioning his age, background and source of income which has been a constant source of doubt since they first met, and to which Wiseau has been especially aloof. They part company and don't see each other for approaching a year - until the world Premier of 'The Room' in fact.

At the Premier of 'The Room' to which Sestero has been invited by Wiseau and reluctantly attends, the pair are pleasantly surprised to see the entire cast and crew turn out for the event, and a packed theatre. Wiseau makes an introduction and announces his film. As the film begins to unfold, the audience increasingly erupt into bouts of laughter over just how wrong the film is on almost every level. Wiseau initially leaves the theatre half way through the screening, but is halted from leaving by Sestero who comforts him saying that whilst it may not have been the reaction he was wishing for, the audience are having a great time nonetheless. As the end credits roll, Wiseau returns to a standing ovation.

You don't need to have seen 'The Room' to appreciate what this film is all about. James Franco nails it as Tommy Wiseau in what may yet prove to be a career defining role. Rather than paint a picture that lauds up the source movie with ridicule and rejection, he here delivers a character and a story of unwavering passion and unrelenting dedication to his craft that makes you feel an empathy towards Wiseau, despite his failings. Also worthy of note is the faithful recreation of scenes from 'The Room' duplicated with exacting detail on 'The Disaster Artist' - many of which are shown side by side in the closing credits sequence - all kudos here to the production team, and the cast too for their near seamless performances in re-creating those from the original film.  Also starring Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Alison Brie, Jackie Weaver, Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith, Zoey Deutch with celebrity cameo's from the likes of Bryan Cranston, Zach Braff, J.J. Abrams, Danny McBride, Judd Apatow, Kevin Smith, Keegan-Michael Key, Lizzy Caplan, Kristen Bell amongst others, here Franco has united an ensemble cast the likes of which have not been seen in a single film for a very long time. We never do discover just how old Wiseau really is, or what his origins are, or indeed where he got his funds from to support his lifestyle and the production of the film, but this is part of the mystique surrounding the filmmaker and his project 'The Room' - a film so bad, it's good! This is a good film about the making of a bad film that is certainly worth the price of your movie ticket.

-Steve, at Odeon Online-

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

What's new in Odeon's this week : Thursday 7th December 2017.

The 27th annual Gotham Awards were held on Monday evening 27th November at Cipriani Wall Street, New York, and hosted this year by Actor and Director John Cameron Mitchell. The IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project) Gotham Awards, are selected by distinguished juries and presented in New York City, the home of independent film. This public showcase honours the filmmaking community, expands the audience for independent films, and supports the work that IFP does behind the scenes throughout the year to bring such films to fruition. The Independent Filmmaker Project champions the future of storytelling by connecting artists with essential resources at all stages of development and distribution, and represents a growing network of 10,000 storytellers around the world, and plays a key role in developing 350 new feature and documentary works each year. During its 36-year history, IFP has supported over 8,000 projects and offered resources to more than 20,000 filmmakers. The winners and grinners at this years Awards Ceremony are as detailed below :-

* Best Feature : Awarded to 'Call Me By Your Name', beating out 'The Florida Project', 'Get Out', 'Good Time' and 'I, Tonya'.
* Best Actor : Awarded to James Franco as Tommy Wiseau on 'The Disaster Artist'.
* Best Actress : Awarded to Saoirse Ronan as Christine 'Lady Bird' McPherson on 'Lady Bird'.
* Best Screenplay : Awarded to Jordan Peele for 'Get Out'.
* Breakthrough Actor : Awarded to Timothee Chalamet as Elio Perlman on 'Call Me By Your Name'.

* Breakthrough Director Award : Awarded to Jordan Peele for 'Get Out'.
* Audience Award : 'Get Out'.
* Special Jury Award - Ensemble Performance : Awarded to Jonathan Banks, Jason Clarke, Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell, Rob Morgan, Carey Mulligan and Mary J. Blige on 'Mudbound'.
* Gotham Tributes : Awarded to Sofia Coppola, Nicole Kidman, Dustin Hoffman, Al Gore, Jason Blum and Ed Lachman.
Congratulations to all those winners, and those nominated also in their respective categories. For more information, you can go to :

This week there are just three new movies coming to your local Odeon. We kick off with the latest offering from this prolific film maker about the lives of four individuals whose worlds intersect in the late '50's Noo Yawk amusement park amidst gangsters, a would be playwright, a long lost daughter and an actress turned waitress. We then turn to a past and present set Irish tale about a mentally ill committed woman living under the shadow of an alleged crime of fifty years previously only to have the truth come out and free her in the twilight of her years. Wrapping up we have a Japanese manga animated offering of one young girls struggle to reconcile the horrors of WWII in Japan against the responsibilities she has to her new husband and his family in Hiroshima.

Whatever your taste in big screen film entertainment is this week - be it any of the three latest release films as Previewed below, or those doing the rounds currently on general release and as Reviewed and Previewed in previous Blog Posts here at Odeon Online, you are here warmly invited to share your movie going thoughts, opinions and observations by leaving your relevant, succinct and appropriate views in the Comments section below this or any other Post. We'd love to hear from you, and in the meantime, enjoy your big screen Odeon experience during the week ahead.

'WONDER WHEEL' (Rated PG) - this American crime drama film is Written and Directed by Woody Allen in his 53rd outing as Director since making his debut back in 1966. The film closed out the October New York Film Festival, was released in the US last week on Allen's 82nd Birthday, cost US$25M to make and has so far generated mixed to average Reviews. The film is set in the late 1950's on New York's Coney Island amusement park.

Here the lives of four people collide among the ebb and flow of the Coney Island amusement park. There is Ginny (Kate Winslet), an emotionally volatile former actress now working as a waitress in a clam house; Humpty (Jim Belushi), Ginny's rough around the edges carousel operator husband; Mickey (Justin Timberlake), a handsome young lifeguard at the Coney Island Beach who has aspirations of making it big as a playwright; and Carolina (Juno Temple), Humpty's estranged daughter, who is in hiding out from a mob of gangsters at her father's apartment. At the same time, both Ginny and Carolina are vying for the affections of the same man - budding playwright Mickey, which sends Ginny's life into a tailspin.

'THE SECRET SCRIPTURE' (Rated M) - this Irish offering is Co-Written and Directed by Jim Sheridan (whose previous credits include 'My Left Foot', 'In the Name of the Father' and 'The Boxer') and is based on the 2008 book of the same name by Sebastian Barry. The film was shown at TIFF in October 2016, and had its World Premier screening in its native Ireland in May this year, and has received generally mixed Reviews despite its strong cast. Here Roseanne McNulty (Vanessa Redgrave playing the older, and Rooney Mara playing the younger by some fifty years) must vacate the soon-to-be demolished mental institution in Roscommon, Ireland that has been her home for more than fifty years. The hospital's psychiatrist, Dr. William Grene (Eric Bana), is called in to assess her condition and determine whether she should be transferred or released. He finds himself drawn to Roseanne's habits and foibles, and the strong attachment she has to her Bible, which she has over the years transformed into an alternative work of overwritten scripture, drawings, and cryptic diary entries. As Grene digs deeper into Roseanne's history, we see her as a young woman, whose charisma proves seductive, and moving to Sligo to work in her aunt's cafĂ©, she falls in love with a dashing fighter pilot Michael McNulty (Jack Reynor), that a local priest Father Gaunt (Theo James) fell tragically in love with her too, and that local man Jack Conroy (Aiden Turner) was also vying for her affections. When the young Roseanne falls pregnant and is committed to a mental hospital, a tragic turn of events unfolds that sees her committed for life until the truth rises to the surface some five decades later.

'IN THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD' (Rated M) - this Japanese animated wartime WWII drama film is based on the manga of the same name as Written and Illustrated by Fumiyo Kono and is written for the screen and Directed by Sunao Katabuchi. The film was shown at TIFF in October 2016, had its World Premier screening in its native Japan in November 2016 was released Stateside in August this year, and now goes on limited release in Australia. Having been made for just US$2.2M the film has so far grossed US$23M, has garnered generally positive Reviews and has so far picked up 43 Award wins and a further fifteen nominations from around the festivals and awards circuit. Set in the 1930's and '40s in Hiroshima and Kure in Japan, about ten years before and after the atomic bomb, but principally during the end of war years from 1944 through 1945. Following the daily life and routines of new eighteen year old bride Suzu Urano (voiced by Non) who lives on the outskirts of Kure during the second world war. With the mounting likelihood of a war in the Pacific, young Suzu must combat her daily trials during turbulent wartime with her duties to her new husband Shusaku Hojo (voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya) and his family, while finding the strength to carry on regardless. Although this is a fictional story, the scenes and background for the film are based on facts and real incidents as researched by the production team, such as the lost landscape of pre-war Hiroshima, damaged by the atomic bombing, is accurately recreated in the scenes using old photographs, documented evidence, archival footage and the memories of its survivors.

With three new release films this week to tempt you out to your local Odeon, with the likes of a '50's crime drama set in Noo Yawk; a '40's drama set in Ireland; and a '40's set animated WWII drama set in Japan, remember to share your movie going thoughts with your other like minded cinephiles afterwards here at Odeon Online. Meanwhile, I'll see you sometime somewhere in the week ahead at your local Odeon.

-Steve, at Odeon Online-

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Birthday's to share this week : 3rd - 9th December 2017.

Do you celebrate your Birthday this week?

Jack Huston does on 7th December - check out my tribute to this Actor Birthday Boy turning 35, at the end of this feature.

Do you also share your birthday with a well known, highly regarded & famous Actor or Actress; share your special day with a Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Singer/Songwriter or Composer of repute; or share an interest in whoever might notch up another year in the coming seven days? Then, look no further! Whilst there will be too many to mention in this small but not insignificant and beautifully written and presented Blog, here are the more notable and noteworthy icons of the big screen, and the small screen, that you will recognise, and that you might just share your birthday with in the week ahead. If so, Happy Birthday to you from Odeon Online!

Sunday 3rd December
  • Jean-Luc Godard - Born 1930, turns 87 - Director | Writer | Editor | Actor | Producer | Cinematographer
  • Brendan Fraser - Born 1968, turns 49 - Actor | Producer 
  • Julianne Moore - Born 1960, turns 57 - Actress | Producer | Singer
  • Daryl Hannah - Born 1960, turns 57 - Actress | Producer | Director | Writer
  • Amanda Seyfried - Born 1985, turns 32 - Actress | Producer | Singer  
Monday 4th December
  • Pamela Stephenson - Born 1949, turns 68 - Actress | Writer 
  • Marisa Tomei - Born 1964, turns 53 - Actress | Producer
  • Jeff Bridges - Born 1949, turns 68 - Actor | Producer | Singer | Songwriter 
  • Jay Z (aka Shawn Corey Carter) - Born 1969, turns 48 - Singer | Songwriter | Composer | Producer | Actor  
Tuesday 5th December
  • Nick Stahl - Born 1979, turns 38 - Actor | Producer
  • Frankie Muniz - Born 1985, turns 32 - Actor | Producer | Writer  
Wednesday 6th December
  • Tom Hulce - Born 1953, turns 64 - Actor | Producer | Singer
  • Nick Park - Born 1958, turns 59 - Writer | Producer | Director | Animator 
  • Judd Apatow - Born 1967, turns 50 - Producer | Writer | Director | Actor | Songwriter
  • JoBeth Williams - Born 1948, turns 69 - Actress | Producer | Director | Singer  
Thursday 7th December
  • Ellen Burstyn - Born 1932, turns 85 - Actress | Producer | Director
  • Emily Browning - Born 1988, turns 29 - Actress | Singer
  • Tom Waits - Born 1949, turns 68 - Singer | Songwriter | Composer | Actor 
  • Jeffrey Wright - Born 1965, turns 52 - Actor | Singer
  • Jeff Nichols - Born 1978, turns 39 - Writer | Director | Producer
  • Jack Huston - Born 1982, turns 35 - Actor | Singer
  • Nicholas Hoult - Born 1989, turns 28 - Actor   
Friday 8th December
  • Rick Baker - Born 1950, turns 67 - Make-Up Artist | Special FX Director | Actor | Producer
  • Dominic Monaghan - Born 1976, turns 41 - Actor | Producer | Singer | Songwriter
  • Matthias Schoenaerts - Born 1977, turns 40 - Actor | Producer | Director | Writer
  • Kim Basinger - Born 1953, turns 64 - Actress | Producer 
  • Teri Hatcher - Born 1964, turns 53 - Actress  
Saturday 9th December 
  • Felicity Huffman - Born 1962, turns 55 - Actress 
  • Judi Dench - Born 1934, turns 83 - Actress | Singer
  • Beau Bridges - Born 1941, turns 76 - Actor | Director | Producer
  • John Malkovich - Born 1953, turns 64 - Actor | Producer | Director | Writer
Jack Alexander Huston was born in King's Lynn, Norfolk, England to mother Lady Margot Cholmondeley and father Tony Huston, an Actor, Writer and Assistant Director. His mother is English and his father is American, and his paternal aunt is Actress Anjelica Huston and his paternal uncle is Actor Danny Huston, his paternal grandfather was Director John Huston and he is the great grandson of Canadian Actor Walter Huston. On his mothers side, his great grandfather George Cholmondeley, the 5th Marquess, Jack is descended from Robert Walpole, the first Prime Minister of Britain, and from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild international banking dynasty. Jack had made his mind up to become an Actor after appearing in a school production of 'Peter Pan' at just six years old. He attended the private, residential co-educational Hurtwood House, a sixth form college located in Dorking, Surrey where he studied drama. 

Huston gained his first film role in the made for television film adaptation of 'Spartacus' in 2004 alongside Goran Visnjic, Alan Bates, Angus Macfadyen, Ben Cross, Ross Kemp and Rhona Mitra. This led to the horror thriller 'Neighbourhood Watch' in 2005, then the biographical drama 'Factory Girl' with Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce, Jimmy Fallon, Hayden Christensen, James Naughton, Mena Suvari and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 2006, and horror comedy offering 'Shrooms' in 2007. Sci-Fi actioner 'Outlander' followed in 2008 with Jim Caviezel, Ron Perlman and John Hurt with dramatic thriller 'The Garden of Eden' that same  year with Mena Suvari, Matthew Modine, and Richard E. Grant. 2009 saw comedy drama 'Shrink' with Kevin Spacey with comedy drama 'Boogie Woogie' also starring Danny Huston, Gillian Anderson, Alan Cumming, Heather Graham, Christopher Lee, Stellen Skarsgard, Charlotte Rampling and Amanda Seyfried seeing out the decade. 

2010 saw his appearance on eight out of the thirteen episode single season of the fantasy drama television series 'Eastwick', and then the biographical crime comedy caper 'Mr. Nice' with Rhys Ifans, David Thewlis and Chloe Sevigny. He then made a brief appearance in the 2010 instalment of the Stephanie Meyer novel big screen adaptation of 'The Twilight Saga : Eclipse' before scoring a turn in the Al Pacino Directed, Co-Written and starring docudrama 'Wilde Salome'. This led to the drama based on real events 'The Hot Potato' with Ray Winstone, and then '2 Jacks' alongside Danny Huston again, Sienna Miller, Jacqueline Bisset and Billy Zane in 2012. That year also saw 'Not Fade Away' and the five part television mini-series 'Parade's End' with Benedict Cumberbatch, Rupert Everett, Miranda Richardson and Rebecca Hall amongst notable others.

Up next for Huston was the biographical drama 'Kill Your Darlings' about the lives of acclaimed poets drawn together through a murder - Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs, with Daniel Radcliffe playing the former, Ben Foster the latter and Huston the guy in the middle. 'Night Train to Lisbon' followed with Jeremy Irons, Tom Courtenay, Bruno Ganz, Christopher Lee and Charlotte Rampling in this mystery romantic thriller, and then the highly acclaimed 'American Hustle' as Co-Written and Directed by David O'Russell with an ensemble cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner and Michael Pena. The film was nominated for ten Academy Awards but failed to win one, but it did win three Golden Globes  and was nominated for four others, it won three BAFTA's and was nominated for a further seven, it won one SAG Award and was nominated for one more and it won two AACTA Awards and was nominated for a further five. All up it picked up seventy award wins and 218 nods, and took US$252M at the global Box Office from its US$40M budget outlay.

In between time, Huston starred in 41 episodes of the 57 episode series running over five seasons between 2010 and 2014 of the highly acclaimed 'Boardwalk Empire'. Starring as Richard Harrow alongside the likes of Steve Buscemi, Michael Shannon, Stephen Graham, Michael Kenneth Williams, Dabney Coleman, Kelly Macdonald and Gretchen Mol, the series won 64 awards and was nominated another 182 times, including multiple Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy and SAG Awards and nominations.

'Posthumous' was released in 2014, then the romantic drama 'The Longest Ride' with Scott Eastwood and Brit Robertson, then the undead period piece of rampaging flesh eaters marauding through 19th Century England in this romantic action horror offering of 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' with Lily James, Lena Headey, Charles Dance, Matt Smith, and Sam Riley released in 2016. As was the Coen Brother's mystery comedy of Hollywood in the '50's starring Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Alden Ehrenreich, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton and Frances McDormand in 'Hail, Caesar'!'. The film was awarded eleven wins and a mother 39 nominations from around the traps including an Oscar and a BAFTA nod.

2016 also saw Timur Bekmambetov's remake of the classic swords and sandals epic 'Ben-Hur' with Huston playing Judah Ben-Hur, alongside Morgan Freeman, Toby Kebbel, Rodrigo Santoro and James Cosmo. The film cost US$100M plus marketing and distribution costs and failed to recoup that investment bringing home just US$94M at the worldwide Box Office, making it a bomb, as well a being poorly received by Critics and clearly audiences alike. This was followed up by WWII romantic comedy drama 'Their Finest' Directed by Lone Scherfig and also starring Bill Nighy, Sam Claflin, Richard E. Grant, Jeremy Irons, Eddie Marsan and Gemma Arterton. Closing out 2017 to date, the Iraq War drama 'Yellow Birds' was released early in the year and starred Jennifer Aniston, Tye Sheridan, Alden Ehrenreich, Toni Collette and Jason Patric. Meanwhile, there was also the television mini-series which ran for four episodes in 2014 'The Great Fire' recounting the events that unfolded during the Great Fire of London in early September 1666, with Huston playing King Charles II.

Next up for Houston is the recently wrapped Phillip Noyce Directed crime action thriller 'Above Suspicion' also starring Emilia Clarke, Thora Birch and Johnny Knoxville. In Post-Production is the comedy offering 'An Actor Prepares' also with Jeremy Irons, Matthew Modine and Will Patton, and currently filming is new television series from the creator of 'Mad Men' with 'The Romanoffs' due for airing sometime in 2018. Starring Aaron Eckhart, Paul Reiser, John Slattery, Corey Stoll, Christina Hendricks, Isabelle Huppert, Diane Lane and Amanda Peet amongst others, the first series is currently scheduled for six episodes on Amazon. Also filming for a 2018 release is the Martin Scorsese Directed biographical crime drama film 'The Irishman' starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Bobby Cannavale, Harvey Keitel, Ray Romano, Stephen Graham, Jesse Plemmons and Anna Paquin in a story about a mob hit man recounting his possible involvement with the slaying of Union Boss, Jimmy Hoffa.

All up Huston has 38 Acting credits to his name, and he has so far garnered eight award wins for 'American Hustle', 'Boardwalk Empire', 'Kill Your Darlings' with another four nominations. Huston is in a long term relationship with American model Shannan Click since 2011, with whom he has a daughter, Sage Lavinia (born in April 2013) and a son, Cypress Night (born in January 2016).

Jack Huston - hails from Hollywood Royalty and English Aristocracy; has played English Royalty (Charles II) and Roman Aristocracy (Judah Ben-Hur); has played across just about all genres except Sci-fi but seems to lean toward Biographical retellings, historical offerings and straight up drama; never typecast; is increasingly in demand; a star on the up; and another Brit doing great things Stateside and at home. Happy 35th Birthday to you Jack, from Odeon Online.

-Steve, at Odeon Online-